Internet Data Users Need Transparency, Not Only Unlimited.

Data on the trend of internet usage in Indonesia throughout 2017 issued by the Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) shows that more than a quarter (26.48 percent) of citizens in the country can spend more than 7 hours struggling in cyberspace. This finding proves that the majority of 143.26 million internet users in Indonesia cannot escape from cyberspace.

This is why then many people are attracted by the Unlimited internet lure offered by cellular service providers. Unlimited internet data is a powerful word that can be the key to attracting quota devotees.

Unlimited access to favorite applications, up to unlimited access to video streaming services. But if it's not careful, we can get stuck buying and just getting the unlimiited word is just a gimmick.

According to telecommunications observers from the Indotelko Forum, Doni Ismanto Darwin, the use of the term Unlimited in the 4G era is currently considered not to educate. In the current era, demanded by users is price transparency, stable service quality, and interesting content. While the application of the Fair Usage Policy is considered unfair.

"All this time, the application of FUP was felt unfair by users because the transparency of usage did not exist. Users only felt, for example, how many days of streaming access, would the speed be reduced, but how much data did he use," Doni said on Thursday. , (1/31/2019).

Ideally, said Doni, cellular operators play in service quality. "Customers are willing to pay rather expensive from now as long as the signal is stable and without buffering when accessing data," he said.

Over time, public trust in the unlimited data internet package is getting lower because many are beginning to realize the 'trap' offered.

The number of terms and conditions that must be met to enjoy the unlimited package is one of the contributing factors. Those who are currently still offering unlimited packages are Indosat and Smartfren.

As the name implies, Unlimited, everyone would expect access to 'unlimited'. No matter how much we access data in a certain period, the important thing is endless. But it is different from Unlimited offered by Indosat operators.

Indosat is indeed quite keen to embed the word Unlimited in every package offer. For example Unlimited + 5GB worth IDR 65 thousand or Unlimited + 7GB which is priced at IDR 75 thousand. For Unlimited + 5GB that means the main internet quota that you can spend in a certain period of time, is limited to only 5GB.

Can be used for any browsing, except certain applications that are already free.

The application in question is Youtube, WhatsApp, Line, BBM, Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Grab, and Go-Jek. All applications mentioned are applications that Indosat claims can be accessed 'Unlimited'.

But again, unfortunately, the unlimited limit is not limited, but limited to quota. It's just not shown transparently how much quota can be spent.

In the MyIM3 application, as long as the measuring line on the Unlimited Apps Fair Usage has not reached the Max level, all the applications above will not consume data in the main quota, when the user accesses it. But if you have reached the red line Max, then the data in the main quota will be sucked.

It does not take long to make the measuring line go to maximum. Just watch 30 consecutive YouTube videos for a day, it will definitely skyrocket directly to Max.

While the unlimited package is provided by Smartfren. Launched in the middle of last year. The package that is presented by the operator of the largest 4G LTE in Indonesia, this can be called The Real Unlimited because it can be used in all applications and adheres to transparency, can internet as you like with any application on any 4G cellphone. Second, the package usage time is not limited, the alias can be used 24 hours. Third, the price is only IDR 65 thousand and can be used for a full month.

Super 4G unlimited is offered in the form of a starter card and physical voucher and can be obtained at the nearest credit counter.

Choose the Unlimited fake or the real one without limits?

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