5 Things That Make Companies Easily Attack Cyber ​​Attack

Indonesia is one of the countries most frequently targeted by cyber attacks in 2017. According to data compiled by Kaspersky, in the period 1-7 July 2017, Indonesia received 902,559 cyber attacks on the network.

This shows that cyber security is still a significant challenge, if Indonesia wants to become the largest digital economy country in Southeast Asia by 2025.

Because, cyber attacks target many digital startup companies (startups) and e-commerce. However, other institutions such as banks and telecommunications companies were not spared being targeted by cyber attacks.

In fact, according to Aman Dhingra, Associate Partner and Co-Leader, Southeast Asia Cyber Security Practice, McKinsey & Company said that cyber security is key, and very important for digital companies.

There are five things that cause Indonesian digital companies to be vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to Mckinsey & Company, which was revealed at a media meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday (1/30/2019). Furthermore, Aman said that the five things are interrelated.

1. The lack of a plan to respond to an attack
It is safe to call this crisis crisis preparedness. Many companies are less prepared to deal with cyber attacks. They will only act if cyber attacks come, instead of preparing tactical steps before the attack occurs.

Aman emphasizes that cyber security is one of the risks that must be considered. Each company does have its own policy to deal with cyber attacks.

However, preparing a special IT division that is strategic and can take quick action if a cyber attack occurs is a wise decision to choose from. That is, the company does not only place the IT division as a support division.

2. Less firm in enforcing policies
According to Aman, many companies have compiled policies to banish cyber attacks, but the policy enforcement has not been seen.

3. Cyber attacks are only an IT problem
This is a wrong general view. Because the risk generated from cyber security is not small.

"We have seen cases of cyber attacks that occur, resulting in losses of up to billions of US dollars. That is proof that cyber security is not only an IT problem but a business problem," said Aman.

4. Lack of employee awareness
Awareness of low cyber security from employees has a big influence.

"More than 70 percent of cases of cyber attacks are easily done due to human error. For example, clicking an insecure link, plugging an infected USB into an office device, and so on," said Aman.

David Chinn, Senior Partner and Global Leader, Cybersecurity Practice, McKinsey & Company added, in addition to employee awareness, which is quite crucial is the ability of business leadership, especially in facing business risks due to cyber attacks.

"Because cyber security is complicated," he said.

5. USB and SPAM (phishing) devices
This is related to point number four, where the use of USB devices infected with viruses or malware can attack laptops or office computers.

The spread of phishing through Spam e-mail also must be watched out by employees of digital companies. At least, there are several ways to prevent this.
For example, lock the USB port with a password or if necessary, the company conducts training to its employees, specifically to minimize the potential for cyber attacks through trivial matters.

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